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EWiKA two-generation family business that includes your business a wide range of building and repair business.

We build energy efficient homes, the heat transfer coefficient for the whole house is less than U≤0,2 W/m2 K. We build houses, wood frame and brick houses in the technology YTONG. For the construction of wooden houses using wood construction, kiln-dried and planed four-sided. In order to use wool, cellulose insulation, and Isofloc Termex.

We use the latest solutions to improve the comfort and convenience of life, such as:

  • Underfloor Heating - Electric and water
  • high quality windows and doors
  • skylights
  • recuperators of ground heat exchanger
  • solar panels
  • accumulating buffers stored energy to the efficient use of
  • independent control of heat in every room

We repair homes and public buildings.

Our company is also marketing articles Appliances and Electronics. We are living home and garden lighting. We offer a wide selection of designs and colors, shutters, awnings and garage doors including installation.

We invite you to use our shop.